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Panoramic Half Island Tour- Option 1

This half island tour is short and sweet, but still includes all the island must see points of interest. This tour includes all of the above except for the Black Rocks. Tour duration 3 hours                                                                                                               $50.00 USD per person (includes entrance fees)

Panoramic Half Island Tour- Option 2

This option includes all of the islands points of interests, but does not include Brimstone Hill Fortress or the Black Rocks. 

Tour duration 2.5 hours                                                                                                                        $50.00 USD per person (includes entrance fees)

Walking Tour of Basseterre

Stroll through the city of Basseterre where we visit the site of the first company, the old village of Irish Town, and learn the rich history about our Pall Mall Square( present day Independence Square) where slaves were once sold upon arrival to the island, and goods were exchanged or bartered. We visit the National Museum, the Berkeley Memorial Clock, Piccadilly Circus, the Court House, the Anglican and the Catholic Church. We take our time to enjoy the local shops and a local drink. Tour duration 2 hours                                                                      $30.00 USD per person

Around the City of Historic Tour 

This hour and a half tour highlights our historical city of Basseterre. We tour the heart of our 17th century fort city, with many of the buildings still standing to this day. We visit the Berkeley Memorial Clock, Piccadilly Circus, Independence Square and the Anglican and Catholic churches. We travel over to the War Memorial, honouring those who lost their lives. We travel past Fort Thomas to Palm Court Gardens where we tour the stunning gardens and take in the breathtaking views of the Southern Peninsula.

We travel to Timothy Hill where the we take in the spectacular view of where the Atlantic Ocean is on your left and the Caribbean Sea is on your right- a site not to be missed. Tour duration 1.5 to 2 hours.                                                                              $33.00 USD per person 

Airport/ Hotel Transfers

Arriving in St Kitts on vacation? Let us take care of all your transportation needs from the moment you arrive on the island. We'll pick you up from the airport, take care of your luggage and take you to your resort hassle and stress free. Contact us for price.

​​Panoramic Full Island Tour

Our Award winning panoramic full islan​d tour is a must do if you're in port for the day or visiting us for a few days. All our island tours include the following must see points of interest: National Museum, Berkeley Memorial, Independence Square, various churches on the island,The Birds Nest, Bloody Point, Carving Of De Rocks, Wingfield Plantation and the start of the rainforest. We stop at the Botanical Gardens at Romney Manor home of Caribelle Batik, from there we continue to Brimstone Hill Fortress, the only UNESCO world heritage site in the Caribbean. We then stop at the Black Rocks with some amazing rock formations. We carry on the the Southern Peninsula where the breathtaking view of where the Atlantic Ocean is on your left and the Caribbean Sea is on your right- a site not to be missed. Tour duration 3.5 to 4 hours.     $55.00 USD per person (includes entrance fees)

Private Tours 

Have a group or looking for a tour for just your party? Private Tours are available for all of our tours. Prices are a set amount for the tour, not per person. Please contact us so we can create a tour to suit your needs.